Elvisman Dean King Karl Febr 2012: The King of Rock 'n' Roll Elvis Presley was & still is second to none!
Well believe me when i say Golden Voice backing tracks are second to none! There really are no words to describe the perfection of these great Elvis tracks. As an Elvis Tribute Artist i could not wish for more to enhance my shows that.
Create the hysteria of the King with the live sound of the orchestra &
backing vocals!. I salute all involved for bringing history back to life with these superb albums & wish you continued success!
T.C.B. always. Dean King Karl (Elvisman)
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Steven Pitman

Experience the music of the one and only undisputed King of Rock'n Roll in a very special & memorable way:
Steven Pitman is one of the most sought after Elvis Tribute Artists in Europe. His LIVE Tribute Show takes you on a musical journey back in time visiting the unforgettable era of Elvis Presley. Stops along the way include the 50's & 60's, Hollywood & Gospel, up to the legendary 1968 NBC Comeback Special and Elvis' tragic & untimely death in 1977 ...

Before anybody did anything, Elvis did everything...’
- John Lennon
Steven Pitman
- Elvis Presley Tribute Artist -
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Golden Voice Is An ETAs Golden Ticket!
“Aloha, from Hawaii” is near perfection!
First off let me say this, WOW and if you didn’t hear me, let me reiterate, W O W. I have just heard the absolute best reproduction of Elvis’s most famous concert. Kjell Bjornestad and Cvan Avian of GOLDEN VOICE have produced an absolute work of art. Their production of Aloha from Hawaii is the closest thing to actually singing with Elvis’s TCB Band that an Elvis Tribute Artist, or ETA, can get without putting together their own band and live orchestra. Every detail of every song is there, from the drums to the guitar to the backup vocals and even harmony.

As most of you know from my very first introductory article, I love singing Elvis music and the Aloha from Hawaii concert is my favorite, I know that concert backwards and forward and singing along with this CD gave me goose bumps. You can close your eyes and see Elvis moving to the beat laid down by Ronnie Tutt as it is perfectly reproduced and feel the sensation as the orchestra comes in on “An American Trilogy“. Then feel the energy from the faster concert version of “Suspicious Minds”. There is even the harmony of Charlie Hodge and the low bass of JD Sumner recreated to the point that would have made Elvis himself proud. My recommendation to you is to order this CD and feel it for yourself, I promise you that you will not be disappointed. Any ETA specializing in the later years of Elvis’ career should be using this product, I recommend it over and above any Karaoke CD currently on the market. Every song from the Aloha from Hawaii concert is on this CD, including the five songs only released on the Alternate Aloha album. From opening to closing, you could truly recreate the Aloha from Hawaii concert for any function with perfect sound and harmony without having to hire extra performers.

To order simply go to www.goldenvoice.net or simply click on the link on our web site, while there, listen to the samples provided and judge for yourself but let me say this, if you do not have a good speaker system on your computer, it will not do it justice. This CD deserves to be heard on a large quality sound system. While you are there, drop them a quick note and tell them Eimpersonators.com sent you.

Until then E-Fans, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Elvis has left the building, Thank you and Goodnight!”


Sound Quality:
Background Vocals:
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The Voice of Elvis: To me they are of the highest standard and quality and any serious ETA should have every one of your albums.
A dream came true for me this July when I won the Grand Championship in Collingwood Canada. I used Golden Voice's tracks to get me through to the Finals. Since one of the criteria for judging was the quality of voice and overall sound as close as that of the original, then you must take some credit for helping me win the Championship. Well done Golden Voice.
Best Wishes Roy, Memphis King the Voice of Elvis
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Dale Corcoran
I normally play with a 12 piece band, and I am used to that sound. These Golden Voice tracks make me feel like I am playing with my full band!! 100% accurate! These are by far the best tracks I have ever heard. Dale  Corcoran "ONE NIGHT WITH ELVIS the tribute" View Web Page
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Carol Hunter Lady Luck Radio.com
"Hi Cvan...I finally listened to Kjell's song (Trilogy) and have to say I was blown away by the tracks too...I'`ve been a DIEHARD Elvis fan for 45 years  (I think I was born an Elvis fan..!)  and know the music and songs inside out (although I'm not a musician..I'll definitely just stick to the writing)...but I have to tell you, I can't stop listening to this track..it's amazing!!"  Carol Hunter 
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Rick Torres
Absolutely Unreal!
This is the best money I have ever spent on any music tracks.I knew I found something great!
As soon as came upon you website.Thank so much for this great Service!!!!
Your Customer Forever,
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Terry W. turner
Your Aloha is better than I anticipated. The music is so true to the original and the power is so awesome that the adreline I build while singing helps me hit the high notes with much less effort (or at least it seems so). Count me on any additional elvis classic performances that you decide to produce. So far, you are absolutely without equal. Hope your able to keep it up. I'm chomping at the bit to get at that International Hotel Show. It'll tear the house apart.
 You are an answer to prayer for the serious elvis entertainer.
God Bless and Keep You, Terry W. Turner, Clermont Florida
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Terry James "Reflections of Elvis":
Thank you Golden Voice and Kjell and team!
the Aloha From Hawaii cd is PHENOMENAL! The sound is beyond compare and sounds as BIG as real life! I thank you all for helping to keep Elvis alive in our hearts, and the music strong.
My shows sound better than ever due to your re-created Aloha concert! Keep up the good work!
Best Regards, Terry James!   "Reflections of elvis"
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European Champion artist:
I am Mark Leen a.k.a. EMERALD ELVIS
from southern Ireland and I  can only say, WOW! Elvis Presley would be proud, from the first bars of 2001 to the final part of I Cant Help Falling In Love. I can in all honesty only say this to anyone in the business of being elvis, when I heard these tracks, I genuinely shed a tear and got emotional at what my ears were hearing.
I know how frustrating it can be to try to be believable in the role of Elvis with inferior backing tracks. THESE TRACKS CANNOT BE BEATEN OR CRITICIZED BY EVEN THE MOST JUDICIOUS EAR. Well done to GOLDEN VOICE and their accomplished musicians. No proffessional E.T.A. should be without these tracks and no one should in anyway dispute the price, in one show these tracks will have paid for themselves.
If Elvis were alive, I have no doubt, he would take a golden TCB and place it around the necks of the team known as GOLDEN VOICE. remember...Elvis used backing tracks in the 68 comeback, no band can reproduce what you will hear on this cd without an enormous cost to the artist. Finally, I DO NOT ENDORSE ANYTHING, but I had to tell other people in my profession just how I feel... and when you get this album, YOU WILL ENDORSE IT TOO!
Mark Leen -
EUROPEAN CHAMPION TRIBUTE ARTIST 2000 (2 time finalist at Collingwood)
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Danny Haywood, Csra Elvis Impersonators contest:
Hello my name is Danny Haywood the owner of the CSRA ELVIS IMPERSONATOR CONTEST in Augusta Ga. I have reviewed the sound tracks from GOLDEN VOICE: Professional Performance Tracks Of The King and I think the tracks are as close as you can get to the real thing. I'm proud to have them as a new sponser for my contest.
Danny Haywood!
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Joanna, Elvis Tribute Artists Radio
Golden Voice offers quality, state of the art recordings with exceptional authenticity. Nobody takes the care they do.
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Butch Polston, B  & K Enterprises
I find this sound track work to be of the highest quality and laid out very well. The sound is crisp and clear and easy to sing to. I will be happy to include you in the offerings of such items on our web site. I have not received samples of other company`s work, however I can`t imagine any better. Your willingness to send me your test sample in good faith should speak for itself in letting others know that you believe in your product and are willing to do whatever is necessary to produce the utmost professionally made soundtrack available on the marked.
Butch Polston.
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Jesse Aron
1.Hiya Guys! All I Can say is WOW , everytime I use these tracks I find myself getting into the whole persona of Elvis more than I ever have before. If I didn't know better I would think you guys worked with the TCB Band on this project! I threw away all my other imitation Aloha tracks from all of the other companies!
Yours is here to stay for me! I hope you do more concerts like 77 would be great! and then all of the movie soundtracks! Lets bring that real feeling to everything Elvis recorded musically, cuz if anybody can do it , you guys can, ya got em all beat!!!!!!!! 

2.Friends & Fans! I thought this was funny and held it as an extreme compliment when I read it...first time using Golden Voices new tracks and this is
the emails i get lol way to go guys you did great at reproducing the Aloha!!!!!!!!  
Sincerely A Customer For Life! Jesse Aron
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EASY TRACKS The sample tracks I have heard so far are awesome! We too have perfection in mind with ours and it is refreshing to see that other companies take the music of Elvis serious enough to put the hard work and time into making it sound the way it should...authentic. Great, great job. Best of luck to you and your company. Midi & samples BE GONE!!!  Take care!  Jason Parks CEO/ Founder EASY TRACKS View Web Page


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Neil J Duncan
"Hi Cvan I`ve just visited your web site and notice that you have some testimonials there. I would also like to add my comment and endorse the quality of the Aloha CD.
As you know I was one of the first to order and receive the product (I pestered you enough for it!) and I have to say it was well worth the wait. I'`ve use the tracks in most of my shows and, quite frankly, the show takes a dip if I have to use any other backing track.
The tracks that you have produced are second to none. As an Elvis Tribute Artist I probably place much more importance on the backing than my audiences but your tracks make me want to perform better to compliment their quality. It is the nearest thing to having Elvis's TCB band and full orchestra behind me and without doubt has raised the level of my performance - so thank you!"
Once again - well done and keep up the good work
Regards Neil J Duncan
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Chuck Lowe Sorry that I didn't reply to you earlier.  The CD is absolutely awesome!!  You didn't miss anything!  I can't wait for the '69 show to come out.
Unfortunately, I didn't get to use it for the big show, but have used it ever since.  The audiences love it too!
Thanks for your great work Chuck Lowe
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Kevin Davis
I recieved my Aloha CD in the mail today. Thank you for the quick response in getting it to me promptly.  I was pleasantly surprised at how AWESOME  this CD is even after listening to the samples on your website.  It sounds just like the original without Elvis' voice.  I really think that besides the instruments being so powerful, your background singers are outstanding right down to the little girl with the high voice!  I can't wait for the 1969 CD to purchase.  Also, would you consider doing TTWII Live for the next project?????  Thanks again. Kevin Davis View Web Page
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Steve Preston
In 1987 I was frustrated in trying to find backing tracks in the U K anything like the sound, or with the arrangements that the TCB band had performed during the 1970's. Eventually I hired top musicians and session singers and together with a brilliant engineer spent hours upon hours in the studio at an average of $200 a track helping to mix and recreate the sound of Elvis's band on stage.
There is no greater compliment to GoldenVoice after all this time and for a fraction of the price I am now replacing these tracks with their brilliant version of "Alhoa". I know the immense effort it took to create this masterpiece and believe me when I say that the 2001 Intro is worth the price of the CD alone. I only wish GoldenVoice  was around in 1987. 

Steve Preston UK Elvis Tribute (Royal Variety Performance 1995)

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Dennis Stella
I just received the "Aloha" CD today and I can honestly say after hearing it only once that GoldenVoice has captured the live concert feel like no other. You almost feel like you are right there!
Now, all we have to do is make our voice sound as authentic as the CD. Your CD is a must for any serious Elvis Tribute Artist.
Keep up the great work! Dennis Stella
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Charmaine Jensen
In Elvis Memorial
I have had the opportunity to listen to many different tracks that Elvis Tribute Artists friends of mine have used for their own shows, and I have to honestly confess that listening at great lengths to the tracks that are from the "Aloha From Hawaii" album , from GoldenVoice I was quite impressed to say the least.
This album is produced with much more professionalism and also with taking into consideration of the ETA's, that they most definitely would want to perform to tracks that were the closest that they could possibly get to that as if they were performing "LIVE" with Elvis' own band; I believe that the "Aloha From Hawaii" album produced by "GoldenVoice" gives the Elvis Tribute Artist performer everything and much more that they could possibly want.
Over the years many ETA's have come to me asking for recommendations when it comes to purchasing tracks for their shows. 
I have continued since the past few years and up to present to highly recommend that of "GoldenVoice" , to date several ETA's, both in Canada and USA have followed my recommendation and looked to going with "GoldenVoice".... as I say they are the best and closest to Elvis own band you will ever get.... they are not like allot of companies about making money, but about helping the ElvisTribute Artists in their endeavors of putting on the best shows they possibly can.

Sincerely - In Elvis' Memory, Charmaine Jensen
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Carleton Hurdle
The Aloha CD by Goldenvoice has taken my performance to the highest level. It is a must for any serious ETA.
The power behind the sound is incredible, and the arrangement and orchestration is not only technically identical to the original but in my opinion is a true work of art.
Thanks Goldenvoice. Carleton Hurdle


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Art Kistler
OK, I'm a tough sell, and for years I've bought everyone else's disks, but your tracks are second to none and I'm eager to get the next one.  I'`ve had a link to GoldenVoice Web site on my Web
site Links page for a long time now, and have also been passing the word along to fellow ETA's.
Thanks very much and keep up the terrific work!
With highest regards, Art Kistler.
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