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Golden Voice are proud to be a sponsor of "Reflections Of The King"

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Golden Voice was founded by Kjell H Bjornestad , the "Elvis " of Norway in 2002.

Kjell started his career in 1988, and after years of struggling in small pubs and nightclubs, he finally got attention from the media, and his career took off.  

Since the airing of a TV documentary about Kjell, his popularity took a major leap

as an ETA, and soon he was regarded as being Europe’s number 1. ETA, and also considered to be one of the best ETA’s in the world.


Kjell Elvis saw the need of better quality on Elvis sing-back-tracks, and therefor he got the idea to make his own production of ALOHA FROM HAWAII. The album he produced became the best album ever made. He invested a huge amount of money into this production, and months of work in the studio.  


​Today GOLDEN VOICE is synonymous with QUALITY. A household name among ETA’s all over the worlds, and among film and TV producers. No one in the industry has managed to replicate the original Elvis recordings like Golden Voice does. 


Golden Voice is proud to be used in TV shows, contest and radio.

​Kjell believe in keeping the memories of The King alive for all ETA`s, present and future, by re-producing E.P music with a quality and authenticity that NEVER has been achieved by any other backing tracks company.


Golden Voices is in a league of their own! 

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